about Eugenia

Like many others, I studied psychology to understand and heal myself. But there are some things that you can't completely fix with traditional therapy; it's not as effective for all wounds—especially those deep ones rooted in childhood and others we are not aware of because we have repressed them.

–Eugenia Altamira

Breathe change into Your Life!

Therapy helped me work through my emotional problems, and I made progress, but I couldn't fix some things with just intellectual discussion.

Transformational Breath made all the difference because I finally had a process for healing the trauma. It helped bring all the pieces together, like Japanese Kintsugi. I became a better, more beautiful, and complete version of myself by integrating all the broken pieces.


The secret is bypassing the intellect and going straight to the subconscious.

No matter how much you talk about someone's mental health or trauma, they still have to heal on their terms. It isn't something that can be eradicated like an infection treated with medicine.

With Transformational Breath, you can access those experiences and change their energy. They will always be part of your life experience. The secret is not to "let go." You probably already know it is practically impossible to let go!

The secret is for those experiences and memories to be a part of you without the pain and suffering.

what we do

We teach people how to breathe consciously. Your breathing pattern reflects your life. Changing how you breathe HAS THE POWER to change your life.


Join one of our free online introductory workshops. We will have an introductory talk about Transformational Breath, explain the basics of the technique, and you will experience a 30-minute session.

Space is limited to 15 participants. Reserve your spot on time! Due to the nature of the workshop, only participants who arrive on time will be able to join.

Workshops are scheduled once a month.


With 13 years of experience as a Transformational Breath, Senior Trainer, and eight as Curriculum Coordinator for the Transformational Breath Foundation, Eugenia is one of the most qualified trainers in the world.

If you want the best Transformational Breath® training experience, this is where you want to be. You can view Eugenia's calendar here.

We host in-person Transformational Breath® training events worldwide.


Filled with spiritual self-love, the group engages in constructive dialogue, supports one another, and holds each other accountable. Participants grow together as they explore their inner worlds through weekly guided meditations led by Eugenia.

This group offers a unique opportunity to work with Eugenia live once a week. To honor and maintain the spirit of the group access is limited. Please submit an application to join the waiting list.

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